Discover your own beaming inner wisdom, intuition, creativity and confidence.

Your Coach/Guide - Chris Grant

Take a mindful step onto the path of self awareness.

Join us for this new original event featuring a guided light hike combined with simple yet penetrating meditations.


You will traverse a beautiful private trail

through an energized hollow of forest and pines.


Enjoy periodic short breaks to stop and just be.

Yes I repeat, stop and just be.

Enjoy short guided meditations

in this naturally healing environment.

This enlightening experience will open you up to the true nature

of the real you.


 The Power of Belief.

The Way to Untangle from Unhelpful Thoughts.

The Law of Least Effort.

The Joy of Present Moment Living.

The Reason that Bad Stuff is really Good.

The Secret for Finding the Heart of Life.

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