How long is the Wisdom Walk?
Typically the Wisdom Walk is about 3 hours
What if I have never meditated before?
No worries - we won't shave your head
or make you wear an orange robe. 
We will guide you in the basics
and you won't have to really do anything
but relax and listen.
It will be easy and enjoyable.
Who's this Chris Grant guy, what's his story?
Chris is a lifelong learner and seeker who has developed
a creative knack for "Way Showing".  
He is a certified  Soul-Awakening Coach, as well as
a Reiki and Feng-Shui practitioner.
Chris created the Wisdom Walk to show others how to
connect with their own higher consciousness and intuition
in a new and creative way.
How much does Wisdom Walk cost?
Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2021
we are offering the Wisdom Walk
for $65
which is 35% off of the normal rate of $100.  
Is it a rough hike with steep hills?
The True Nature Hollow is
a small Vee-shaped, ravine type of valley,
so there will be some hill variation in the terrain
but no real rough climbing.
We will be walking slow and resting often
so it will not be too strenuous.
How do I sign up for a Wisdom Walk?
You can connect with us from this link
and we will send you an invitation
and application to go on a  Wisdom Walk.