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Did you know that just a litle bit of exercise can give you inner alertness -  relieve tension, anxiety, depression and anger?   Another fact is that we can still challenge ourselves physically without doing exercises that we hate.   


Using a stationary bike or a stair-master in your bedroom is good exercise but it can sometimes

feel like boredom and torture.

 There are now so many alternatives to those tedious unpleasant form of exercise.  


Tai Chi and Yoga are two that we love at True Nature.  The secret to both is energetic fitness. This can be described as your ability to move, feel, release and store energy (Chi or Qi).


The movements of these exercises are done slowly, conscientiously, as opposed to rapid, high impact movements and programs that are more focused on competition, and finding a “winner”.


 Tai Chi uses an entirely different set of markers for determining progress and success. Energy is freed by freeing the mind from distractions, aligning it with the body, keeping the body alignments correct, and developing the natural flow of Chi throughout the body equally, directing it as needed.


Brain benefits include stress reduction, better sleep, and improved concentration, mental balance, and mood.

Body benefits are increased flexibility, balance, strength, and range of motion.

Exercise True Nature style!  We organize guided nature hikes and short canoe/kayak  trips that will give you a chance to practice mindful receptivity to the rhythms of nature as well as light exercise to rejuvinate your body.

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