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People in the Philippines need your help now!
Why should I donate through True Nature?

More than 9 million people have been directly affected by the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan.  This was the most powerful storm ever recorded to make landfall.   At True Nature we have a direct connection with close ties to family and friends in the Philippines.  It is through them and their aid group that you can expect quick mobilization and efficient delivery of needed goods to the families affected.  This is a grass roots effort that is untouched by bureaucracy.  

When making your donation through True Nature your money will not go to line the pockets of corrupt politicians and agencies.  Your money will not go to pay agency expenses and overhead.  Your donation will go directly to the groups that are packing the clothes and food and delivering them to those in need.  


The fact is that the first responders in any crisis are friends, neighbors and community members.  Filipinos have been dealing with typhoons their entire lives; they know better than anyone how to pick up the pieces after the storm. 

Although Anabelle's immediate family living in the Philippines were spared from the direct effect of the storm, she has since lost a cousin who became overheated, exhaused and suffered a fatal stroke while delivering relief food packages to the needy.






Please support True nature's emergency response in the Philippines:   Donating any amount you can give will help support the life saving efforts.  Simply click the button below to make a tax deductible donation.



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