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Why should you donate money to True Nature and where does the money go?

First of all,  we are different from most charities in that you can make a tax deductible donation and help others while also receiving our services at the same time.  

We all need to discover our "WHO" and find out who we really are!  Rich or poor, have or have not, we all can benefit and share an experience of generosity that has the potential to shift both the giver and recipient.


No - we are not curing cancer or feeding starving children in Africa, both of which are noble endeavors.  But we are connecting with people like you and me and your nex door neighbor,  who really want to go from where they are now in their lives to where they want to be.  This is an invaluavle service that we offer and it is nornally a service priced out of reach of many people.


The percentage of your donation that will be used directly to support our programs is 90%.



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