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Our Coaching is an approach that supports you at a soul and spirit level versus the personality, ego level that most coaching and traditional therapy is done at.  


Creating the alignment of your inner spirit with your outer life brings a deeper awareness and a higher consciousness.  


You will tap into your intuition, creativity, and inner guidance to discover your true innate gifts and talents and put them into action.


There will probably come a time in your life when you feel some discontent and may or may not know why. 


This sense of discomfort can show up in your relationships, career, finances, health or by you just feeling stuck or in need of a change. 


At True Nature, we like to label this inevitable situation as your "Grand Opportunity".

You are actually being called to look deeper into your authentic self and discover the WHO in YOU!


Coaching is an incredible partnership that empowers you to create the ideal version of your life.


 Most of the challenges that we face in life are inside of us - our fears and limiting beliefs keep us from getting what we want.


Coaching will guide you to move through your fears and self-limiting beliefs to a place of empowerment.  


You will shift and transform to greater awareness and clarity in your daily choices, beliefs, and activities in your life, and naturally eliminate those which no longer serve you.


Read a good article on benefits of life coaching here



Coaching does not have to be in person and

is very effective over the phone or by skype.

“Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology.”

– Ray Williams, President, International Coach Federation, 



“Coaching has evolved into the mainstream.  This is because there is a great demand for results, and coaching can help provide those.” Harvard Business School

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