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Although this may sound heavy it is really quite simple... Not easy, but simple. Mindfulness is the skill of being deliberately attentive to your experience as it unfolds - without rendering our usual judgement, mind chatter, and constant commentary.  The benefit that this practice will afford you is a higher level of two virtues: wisdom and compassion.  Wisdom meaning the ability to see clearly into the fundamental nature of reality.  Compassion meaning developing empathy for others (and yourself) and deeply recognizing their (and your) inner experience.  We can all use some more wisdom and compassion in our lives. 


The approach to mindfulness that we favor at True Nature is the practice of Meditation.  You don't have to shave your head and put on an orange robe to meditate.  Meditation is not reserved for the exotic.

It is simple to learn and anyone can practice it!  We will show you how mediation can be fulfilling and effective. Once you learn the best way to do it you will be hooked!


Hey, Einstien said it himself  "Everything is Energy" Everything is made up of energy - and exchanges that with everything else at all times - in a very complex way.  Now that is really heavy...  The good news is that you don't have to be a scientific genius to be able to understand how to tap into energy for better health, wealth and happpiness! 


Two of our energy favorites are Reiki -  the ancient natural and safe method healing energy and Feng Shui - the alignment of energy and balance within your home for health, love and abundance.


We offer one hour Reiki treatments at the center or schedule a Feng Shui consultation in your home or

office and get the energy working in your favor.



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