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True Nature provides some of our services and programs a gifted services.   We see what we offer as invaluable, so an honorable way to offer it is as a gift.   As you find value in our gift, we deeply appreciate that you may be inspired to return with a gift, based upon your perceived value & capacity.


WHY?   It just feels better – friendlier, truer and more congruent with who we all really are!   

It's about sharing an experience of generosity that has the potential to shift both the giver and recipient.

You determine the value of our services to you – and honor it in your own perfect way.  People who are unable to afford our services will have full access.   No one will be turned away because of financial challenges.  


Gifting honors the co-creative element of every human interaction and connection.  More people will be practicing and benefiting from the life-changing processes, exercises, and information we provide.   We are unlimited in our ways and means of engaging in mutual gifting.  Money is wonderful!   So are skills, talents, services and useful goods.   Gifting takes the obligation, scarcity and toxicity out of monetary exchange.   It levels the playing field. We all have unique and powerful gifts to share with one another.


HOW?   Choose one of our services and make arrangements with us!  If you don’t see a service, please just contact us through the contact page.   


Many  people that are new to True Nature ask what our normal fee per session is; use the donation sugesstions on the support page as a guide.


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